Become self sufficient with batteries

We offer a huge array of options for both home owners and businesses to become self sufficient. You will become one of the first to be fully of the grid and join the energy revolution. 

Here are our favorite products

Tesla powerwall

Praised for it's quality and design it offers the best choice for home owners who are willing to pay premium for the best

Huawei LUNA

Best value proposition in the market right now, look no further if you want the best specifications for the best price

Solar edge 400V

A more budget friendly choice which still offers high quality against a more affordable price

Goodwe Lynx

If you don't require a huge battery this might be the one for you, simple, reliable and well priced

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About Our Company

Electricity vaults is the leader in the home and business battery market. We have invested a lot in finding the highest quality products on the market which offer the best value. This means we offer you the best quality and value. Safe and high quality products are our highest concern. 

What do our customers think?

"For us electricityvaults provided a great solution for the problem we were having. This being that we were still using a lot of energy from the grid at night even though we have plenty of solar panels installed. With the new batteries we are now able to run most nights on our own energy."
Grand india Hotel
“Because we wanted to become independent for from the grid we looked for a partner that could help us with finding the right home batteries. Electricityvaults has provided us with great advice and thanks to them we are now able to run our home on the electricity we generate ourselves.”

Don't waste anymore energy and let us help you find your battery